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In Whitestown Indiana, Airy Time’s certified, licensed and insured technicians use a variety of technologies to control the temperature, humidity, and purity of the air using heating, ventilation, and air conditioning of the air.

Our customers represent not only what we do as a locally owned and operated business, but they are also our friends and neighbors, and they deserve to get the best of the best when it comes to our service and products. Our commitment to quality service goes beyond just providing quality workmanship, it’s about providing a hassle-free and convenient experience for you. The process of improving your comfort shouldn’t be something you dread, which is why when you contact our Whitestown HVAC team, we want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible. On every job we do, we strive to provide honest pricing, sound advice, and respectful service to our clients. If you choose us, we will not damage your property, you will never be forced into a service that you don’t need, and you won’t be tricked with hidden fees. The benefits we offer our customers, including financing and payment plans, exclusive coupons, and free estimates, ensure you will always be able to afford the services you need to keep your home at the ideal temperature throughout the year. For all of your HVAC emergencies, we are even available after hours. Call today at 317-649-3811 to find out what benefits and discounts we can offer you.

What is Heating And Air?

Heat and air systems do more than just heat or cool a space. It improves indoor air quality and makes a building more comfortable for everyone. There are several types of heat and air systems, but they are all based on the same basic elements. The first step is to introduce fresh air from the outside or from within the house. It happens in two different ways, and it is called ventilation. Homes typically have natural ventilation, which refers to the movement of air through windows, doors, vents, and other openings. By exchanging air, oxygen is replenished and odors, carbon dioxide, and excessive moisture are removed. An HVAC system uses a mechanical system to move air in and out. Home construction, along with opening and closing doors, provided plenty of natural ventilation in the past. Modern construction makes homes much more tightly sealed, so ventilation is becoming an increasingly important component of home HVAC systems. As soon as the air is brought in, it is drawn into an air handling unit. The air is filtered here to remove dirt, dust, allergens, and other particles. Next, we’ll talk about comfort. Air is either heated or cooled and excess humidity is removed. After the air has been cleaned, freshened, and at a comfortable temperature, it is directed into the home. A central HVAC system moves air through ducts and registers to different rooms. In other cases, this means directing the system directly into the space.

Understanding what heating and air is and what an HVAC system is will help you better understand the heating, cooling, and comfort needs of your home. For more information or help with your system, contact Airy Time Heating & Cooling. Let us take care of all your home comfort needs with our HVAC and indoor air quality.

Areas We Serve:

  • Arcadia
  • Atlanta
  • Carmel
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  • Fishers
  • Indianapolis
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  • Westfield
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Your Neighbors Love Us

Gil Cook
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All of my experiences with every time have been outstanding. From installing a new humidifier to emergency furnace repairs, I have never been disappointed. Competent, professional staff who can explain things so that a non-technical person understands.
Debra Delaney
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Daryl is/was professional, polite and an all around very nice gentleman. And kudos to him for also being a veteran. We had a friend recommended Airy Time and she had me when she said that it was ran by vets. I am proud to be an American and even more proud of those that fought to allow us our freedoms. I will be recommending Airy Time to others. Thank you for you quick turn around. I made an appointment online at 6:30 on Tuesday for a time slot between 7-9 and was pleasantly surprised that someone actually showed up in that time frame. And then to boot they were able to get us in for an install today, Thursday. So we were only without air for approximately 2 1/2 days. Professional, courteous and fast!!!!
Courtney Clark
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The BEST service call we have ever had. Daryl was so kind, professional and educating on our issues. I not only purchased an annual membership but I have requested to only have airy time come out for any of our heating and cooling issues! Thank you so much for getting my heat back on and making my Monday!
Ashley Ray
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Airy Time is incredible and I would highly recommend them. We had two separate issues within a week and Buddy came out to fix both issues. He explained everything to us and was incredibly personable. We will absolutely continue to use them for future heating and cooling needs!
Dabbie Williams Beck
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We called to have them look at our furnace and the came that day within 30 mins of calling them. Very friendly and explained everything they were foing. Thank you for the excellent customer service.
Josh Nugent
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Daryl was awesome! Came out same day and got me up in running in no time. Quickly diagnosed the issue, determined fix, and took care of it. He was very friendly, professional, and I really appreciated him explaining to me the problem and how the system should work and how it was prohibiting it. Will definitely use them again
Tammy Canty
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They installed my furnace and HVAC all in one day. It was snowing and cold and they both did an excellent job. They both are professional and very kind. They were on time. Good value and they worked hard to complete the entire job in one. day. I will be recommending Airy to friends and family. Thank you!
Katheryn Burns
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Trey is fantastic. Our furnace and HVAC needed completely replaced and we were panicking because the temperature is forecasted as -3 this weekend and we have a newborn. They were able to help us through the financing process and completely replace our HVAC within two days. They were also delightful to deal with during the install.