Lebanon Indiana A/C Repair

Air Conditioning Repair In Lebanon And All Of Central Indiana

During the hot, humid Central Indiana summer, a top performing A/C unit isn’t just a luxury—it’s critical. When you get home from a workout at the local park or a day of fun at one of Lebanon’s many festive downtown events to find a air conditioner that’s not working, it’s not just a minor inconvenient things to happen. It’s an urgent A/C emergency.

We offer our customers quick, top-notch air conditioning repair that Boone County residents can trust. We have an 5-Star Google rating and have many satisfied customer reviews. We offer complimentary/free quotes on new air conditioning equipment. 

Here are just some of the air conditioning repair services we offer in Lebanon and Central Indiana:

  • Compressor Refrigerant leak and recharge
  • Fan belt replacement
  • Fan blade Blower motor replacement
  • Electrical components
  • And much more!

Before we begin any air conditioning repair service project, we diagnose the issue at hand and explain options and prices to our customers. We take our customer’s through our up-front pricing so they’re fully aware of the situation, removing all surprises. When the customer has all the details in order to make a well-informed decision, we move forward with the HVAC service repair.

While residential central air systems are resilient, there are several complicating things which can happen to these machines. Some of the main reasons to book an air conditioning technician to make an HVAC repair in Central Indiana are:

  1. Air conditioning unit will not  come on
  2. HVAC system turns on, but it blows warm or lukewarm air
  3. A/C blows out cool air, but the airflow is weak
  4. Hearing odd noises when comes on or while it is running
  5. Strange smells from HVAC vents or the air conditioning equipment
  6. HVAC system is running; however it is overly-humid in the home
  7. Air conditioner leaks water outside
  8. Outdoor HVAC unit is freezing up
  9. Short-cycling system – the air conditioner comes on and off frequently and won’t cool the entire home



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