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AC Tune Up

Airy Time Heating & Cooling provides the air conditioning maintenance & tune-up your systems needs in Central Indiana

Our customers know that their air conditioners are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in their houses. When the temerature and humidity levels rise around the Indy area, we expect our HVAC system to keep our homes cool and comfortable. This way, when we return home after a day at Ruoff Music Center, or The Indianapolis Zoo we know we’ll be welcomed by an abundance of conditioned air to cool us off.

The filters, coils, and fins on one’s air condition system demand regular maintenance for the equipment to function properly throughout the years. And, if necessary maintenance is neglected, a steady decline in air conditioning performance as well as energy use increases typically follow.

The reliability of one’s AC depends greatly on how it is maintained.  In just the same way that one changes the oil in a car to improve gas mileage and to keep the car running,  one should also plan on routine maintenance for the home’s HVAC system to boost a prolong its life.  

Airy Time Heating & Cooling offers the maintenance services you’re looking for!

When Should You Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Spring is the definitely the optimal time of year for air conditioner maintenance because for the past fall and winter months your a/c has been hibernating. 

Occasionally, Central Indiana homeowners procrastinate  scheduling an air conditioner tune-up until later in the summer. While it is better late than never, spring is yet the best time of year for an ac maintenance.

An air conditioning inspection in the spring sets up the cooling equipment for success during the summer by cleaning away the remnants of winter, lubricating moving parts, and repairing anything that might cause a breakdown later in the season.

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